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13.05.2016 - Renovation "Shangri-La" in Malta

After a huge initial renovation process back in 2016 including the all new kitchen, upgrading all electrical standards and adding the wintergarden to the yard we needed a little break from all the dust and decided to start phase two in February 2019.
Here you can see how it all started:

Guest bathroom
Guest bathroom
Guest bathroom 1
Guest bathroom 2
Guest bathroom 3
Guest bathroom tile selection
Old bathroom demolished
Old bathroom
Old bathroom 1
Old bathroom new surprises
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The vase
Kitchen art
Old meets new
Rock ´n Roll
Dine in style
The yard
The yard 2
The Jacuzzi
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***Breaking news***Breaking news*** 

Gozo, 13.06.2019 The Lust4Life family has a 'new' member. Say hello to the 'green beast' , our freshly sprayed lime green Maruti Jeep to pick you up from your location in Gozo. Check out the good vibes of the all new Lust4Life shuttle🌴💃⚓ Thanks to Nadine & Felix for modeling 😘

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