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Exclusive boating and luxury living.

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on board!

The trips

Season A

(April, May, October, November)

Mondays – Fridays: € 275,- * (for up to 4 guests), € 50,- extra per person

Saturdays/Sundays: € 325,- * (for up to 4 guests), € 50,- extra per person

Season B

( June, July, August, September)


Mondays – Fridays: € 350,- * (for up to 4 guests), € 50,- extra per person


Saturdays/Sundays: € 400,- * (for up to 4 guests), € 50,- extra per person

We speak English
Wir sprechen Deutsch
Pricamo Hrvatski/Srbski
Nous parlons francaise (un peu ;-))
Siamo felici di practicare la nostra limitata conoscenza dell` italiano con voi


From only

€ 275,-

!!! We strongly recommend to start your trip in the North (Marfa Bay or Gozo), even if your hotel/accomodation is in the central area because like this we all avoid losing time on the more or less useless passage from the central areas to the North (Gozo, Comino, Blue Lagoon, Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay,....) and back.

We are happy to help you with your transport in Gozo to the Marina and/or in Malta from wherever you are based to Marfa Bay.!!!


* Please feel free to bring the additional drinks of your choice on board but keep in mind that it is our responsibility to make sure that you all return safely and at least with the ability to spell

“D-R-U-N-K-E-N S-A-I-L-O-R” in one go :-)


Half day tours, overnight stays and longer durations (Sicily, Greece,...) upon request.

From only

€ 275,- per tour*

(including skipper, soft drinks, water, wine and beer)

Location/pick up points: